Zscore Platform Features

A powerful data curation platform combining collaborative data stewardship, a robust data processing engine, multiple deployment options, and enterprise-proven capabilities.

A smart data management platform

A smart data management platform with a design thinking approach leveraging machine learning for self-service data preparation on data projects.

Leveraging machine learning, providing insight, and reducing the need for manual integration and coding.

Self-service approach for business analysts and data scientists (minimising the need for developers and technical staff).

Great user experience and a user friendly interface. Designed with a special focus on workflows needed to maximise value from data with minimal effort.

Data Management Engine

Data management engine responsible for data quality transformations leveraging business rules and logic.

It can connect to any kind of database. The platform can work with data in various file formats, including text files (i.e. delimited, fixed width, and complex files in mainframe formats), XML, JSON, XLS(X), DBF, and more.

Platform is fully configurable and sector agnostic. It comes with pre-built models for Data Quality 
applicable to any domain, industry or sector.

Enterprise performance and scalability using state-of-the-art algorithms and data management engine is able to meet the most demanding performance and scalability requirements.

Deploy on Cloud or on-premise

Designed to shine in any environment. You can also choose from various deployment models, ranging from simple delivery of the software to a fully managed solution and services.


  • Spark based on Cloud
  • Amazon and Azure deployment (private, public) including managed service offering
  • Multi-tenant Software as a Service (available for selected modules)


  • On premise traditional environments
  • On premise Spark deployment

Enterpise Capabilities

Ready to meet various security, audit and compliance requirements:

Deployable in various high availability modes, making it possible to minimize downtime and operate a system safely on a continuous, daily basis.

Supports role-based security, LDAP integration, single sign-on.

Features for  full audit history and deep data audits. Records detailed information about all applied business rules and transformations.

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