Overview of Zscore’s Smart Data platform

Driving insights through data by combining Machine Learning , Contextual Intelligence and NLP

Overview of Zscore's Smart Data platform

Your complete data management platform

We bring together Data Discovery, Data Quality & Governance, and Master & Reference Data Management in one application.

Data Discovery & Patterns

Learn more about your data, contextualize relationships, gather metadata and identify opportunities to unlock value

Meta data profiling

Business rules and Workflows

Data discovery and definition

Unstructured data Discovery

NLP & Text Analytics

Data Governance & Quality

Deliver reliable and accurate data within your organisation

Data enrichment & cleansing

Data health dashboards and reports

Error tracking & Resolution

Business rules based data correction

Python, R & SQL based data processing

Master Data Management

Standardise data and establish a single point of reference

Cross functional data referencing

Reference data management

Hierarchy management

Data classification & categorization

Data catalogues

Predictive Models & Analytics

Test, refine and drive predictive insights in your organisation

Simulator to test predictive models

Data visualization & analytics

Python & R based model & insight generation

Collaboration around analytics & Insights

API to pass insights to other applications

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