Test, refine and drive predictive insights in your organization

Implement custom models developed by your data scientists & business analysts to drive predictive insights and share them within your organisations using our API’s

Simulator to test predictive models

Create and test your predictive models using Predikt – our inbuilt simulator. Decide on variables you want to predict and compare models for the best outcomes

coming soon

Data visualisation & analytics

Interactive dashboards and reports which allow you to work with the data you have or use models you have developed. Share and collaborate with your team easily with insights you can trust

Python & R based models & insights

Our inbuilt code editor lets you create models in Python and R languages of choice for most data scientists. Deploy your models with ease and generate rapid insights.

Collaboration for analytics & Insights

Collaborate with your peers by sharing your dashboard and reports with them, in platform and even through email. Provide selective access to sensitive reports and control visibility

coming soon

API to access insights from apps

Embed analytics and insights into your workflow or applications of choice with our APIs. Enhance what data your employees work with by leveraging machine learning, contextual intelligence and NLP

coming soon

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