Consistent data quality across your organisation

Ensure the availability, usability, consistency, integrity and security of your data by using our inbuilt governance tools. Ensure accountability for data quality within your organisation and empower your employees with usable data.

Data enrichment & cleansing

Perform data quality transformations by using an extensive set of predefined algorithms, or write your own in Python, R or SQL. Combine information from various sources to enrich your data

Data health dashboards and reports

Understand the impact of your actions on data quality and improvements driven by your actions. Set benchmarks and monitor progress towards your goals

Error tracking & Resolution

Identify, monitor, and resolve data quality issues that require human intervention. Data issues from various sources are identified so business processes can be improved

Business rules based data correction

Implement your business rules using our rules engine and ensure that data transformations are uniformly applied across all your data sources

Python, R & SQL based data processing

Let your business analysts and data scientists import their custom scripts into the platform to leverage it’s scale and transform data with a higher degree of velocity and consistency

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