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Our team is built of thought leaders, design thinkers, data scientists and technologists, with decades of collective experience building products globally


To become a model company delivering the most value to our customers


To constantly provide our customers with products that deliver bigger value, by using cutting edge technology and exemplary service. We wish to achieve the same by following the core doctrine of ethics with our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Guiding Principles


To be accountable for the promises we make

Thought Leadership

Strive to learn and develop a unique body of knowledge


To be respectful of differences of all kinds in our society

Being Human

To design human friendly solutions and build a culture of family at work

Augment not Replace

Use technology to help people do their job better


To address each problem in as pragmatic a way as possible


To focus on sustainability in all we do and not compromise it for profit


To build people, processes, products and companies that guide themselves

The Founding Team

Meet our team that helps make the products

Deleep Murali
Deleep Murali Co-Founder & CEO

Ayush Banka
Ayush Banka DIrector – Technology

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