Data quality ensures accurate decisions in business

Data quality is whats sets apart organisations from their peers. Knowing the quality of your data and ensuring you empower decisions makers with the right data can add as much as 10-12% to your bottomline.

Meta data profiling

Document what values appear in your business data and uncover useful content. Does the column contain only geographical data? Establish an accurate profile of your data

Business rules and Workflows

Understand how your organisation works with data by translating business workflows into data flows. Manage data quality in relation to business needs and not outside it

Data discovery and definition

Discover critical patterns and trends in your data. Identify unique identities and the frequencies and consistency with which values appear

Unstructured Data Discovery

Mine your unstructured data for insights. Whether it’s call transcripts or emails convert them into data that your organisation can use for insights

NLP & Text Analytics

Perform sentiment analysis and use other algorithms to get a better understanding of your data at its source. Empower all users and eliminate downstream processing

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