Mobile First

Semi Automated
Simpler queries will be sorted through automated systems based on machine learning and AI. More complex queries would then be escalated to humans to resolve and provide a personal touch

  1. Proactive
    Automation, integration across channels and being able to predict customer behaviour will allow companies to step in to answer queries even before the customer have a chance to ask them. Case in point Amazon customer service. Contextual Conversations
  2. IoT
    Building service capabilities into devices and machines to anticipate issues
  3. Re-humanizing the customer care experience
    With more automation there will be a need to make the human contact more meaningful and empathetic. Companies will need help in showing them how to engage with and show customers they care and know them in person. “Super Human Care Experience”
    Window of time = 12 months
  4. Voice
    Death of IVR and traditional voice channels. Rise of Siri, Cortana and Voice enabled devices like Echo. Advances in Voice recognition technology will allow people to jump the traditional voice queue and interact with customer care agents through alternative voice channels
  5. In Store Interaction
    Providing staff in store with accurate insights that allow them to know the customer and have insight into their behaviour. Thereby allowing them to tap into the super human advantage and provide a personalised in store experience
  6. Chat
    Will emerge as the channel which handles most of the volume in the future. Messenger as a business? Integration with apps built for various chat platforms?
  7. Virtual Reality for customer care?