Overview of Zscore’s Data Management platform

Driving insights through data by combining Machine Learning , Contextual Intelligence and NLP

Overview of Zscore's Data Management platform

Your complete data management platform

We bring together Data Discovery, Data Quality & Governance, and Master & Reference Data Management in one application.

Data Discovery & Patterns

Learn more about your data, contextualize relationships, gather metadata and identify opportunities to unlock value

Data Discovery & Patterns
Meta data profiling

Business rules and Workflows

Data discovery and definition

Unstructured data Discovery

NLP & Text Analytics

Data Governance & Quality

Deliver reliable and accurate data within your organisation

Data Governance & Quality
Data enrichment & cleansing

Data health dashboards and reports

Error tracking & Resolution

Business rules based data correction

Python, R & SQL based data processing

Master Data Management

Standardise data and establish a single point of reference

Master Data Management
Cross functional data referencing

Reference data management

Hierarchy management

Data classification & categorization

Data catalogues

Predictive Models & Analytics

Test, refine and drive predictive insights in your organisation

Predictive Models & Analytics
Simulator to test predictive models

Data visualization & analytics

Python & R based model & insight generation

Collaboration around analytics & Insights

API to pass insights to other applications

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